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Electrostatic Dust Collecting MPS(Micro Pulse System) Technology for Energy Saving and Dust Control
Category Air Certification GT-15-00180
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Technology to collect and remove dust by using high voltage generated by adding micropulse
voltage to DC voltage


• Field of Application: Atmosphere
• Development stage: Development completed
• Technology coverage
- Removal of dust in the atmosphere (thermal power plants, sintering processes of
iron foundry plants, and other scattering dust generating plants)


• Charging the dust in the gas by generating a large amount of gas anions by corona discharge caused by a high voltage supplied to a discharge electrode and a dust
collecting plate
- Collecting dust on the dust collecting plate with electric force by electric field, and removing
- Increasing the efficiency by charging the dust by instant strong discharge and increasing the moving speed of the dust onto the dust collecting plate
• Possible to increase the dust removal rate by more than 50% and to reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to conventional dust removal methods
- Improving industrial site environment and fulfilling environmental regulations with minimum cost
- Improvement of economic efficiency by reducing maintenance cost compared to conventional methods
• to continuously use conventional dust collection facilities by replacing with MPS power
- Possible to improve dust collection efficiency up to maximum without additional dust 2 collectors
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