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Long Bag Dust Removal Technology through Compressed Air Injection Device (CK Injector)
Category Air Certification GT-16-00062
Company CK World Co., Ltd
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Technology to clean the dust attached to filters by using compressed air injection device.



* Removing by injecting strong air so that the filtered substances do not interfere with the function of filters.
 - Possible to effectively remove dust in filters by amplifying compressed air.
 - Preventing the clogging of filters caused by the accumulation of dust.
 - Amplifying the replacement cycle of performance bag filters for more than twice through the powerful injection system.
 - Possible to remove even the dust attached to 10m-long blow tubes.

 * Improving air pollutant dust collection efficiency by improving the efficiency of bag filters.
 - Increasing the economic benefits by lengthening the replacement cycle of bag filters.

 * Bag filter is a bag-shaped industrial filter that filters dust and foreign matter generated during the manufacturing processes of production plants.

 * Possible to apply to cement, sugar, coffee, feed, and flour production process.
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