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Technology of Non-Motor-Driven Internal Tube Mixing Device Using Differencial Head
Category Water Certification GT-16-00024
Company Water Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
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Water purification technology that improves the efficiency of flocculation process by using
the internal tube instant mixing device


• Field of application: Water quality
• Development stage: Development completed
• Technology coverage
- Mixing and flocculation process (wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment
plants, and stormwater treatment plants)


Inducement of rapid and uniform diffusion of flocculants through the use of the internal
tube instant mixing device
- Possible to reduce turbidity and dissolved organic matter in source water compared to
conventional mechanical mixing devices
- Efficient water treatment by inducing smooth mixing of chemicals and raw water
- Possible to reduce flocculant requirements compared to conventional methods by
inducing rapid and uniform diffusion of flocculants
• Consisting of a raw water inlet, a chemical injection tube, and a chemical dispersion tube
that disperses the chemical injected through the chemical injection tube
- Easy to remove and attach as it is integrated with the liquid inflow tube
- Possible to inspect without cutting off water, and minimized effect of the flow rate of the
mixed material flowing inside
- Possible to eliminate trouble-generating elements in advance as it has a structure that
can be inspected at any time
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