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Circulating Coarse Aggregates for Concrete
Category Waste Certification New Technology Verification No. 496 & No. 211
Company Suppuro Co., Ltd.
Address 58-20, Oju-ri,Gamgok-myeon, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do
Url E-mail
Tel 063-571-6705 Fax 063-571-0545


1. Overview 
● A technology for producing circulating aggregates for concrete using two drum crushing mills, the first of which performs comminution and the second grinding and shape improvement, installed in a series with varying densities and leads of spiral protrusions formed on the fixed liner.


● Issuance Classification(Effective Term) : March 24, 2016- March 21, 2021
● Waste(large classification) > Construction material disposal(Small classification)


17NT-3_Circulating Coarse Aggregates.pdf 
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