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Development of Technology and Device to Explore
Category Soil/Subterranean Water Certification 10-1303333-0000
Company G&G Technology Co., Ltd
Address #102, 103, A building, 30, Songdomirae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea
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	This technology is a construction method to form a barrier wall by injecting a grouting fluid through an inner casing perforation made by a drill device without pulling out the inner casing (PVC) installed in underground water sources. This method is carried out with the inner casing still installed, and its purpose is to improve water quality by preventing pollution. This technology may reduce costs by efficiently maintaining underground water pipelines and by reducing costs in the development plans of new pipelines, which are inevitable because of the infeasibility of pulling out the inner casings of pipes. Also, this technology may secure good water quality by preventing the inflow of upper layer pollutants within a short period of time.


① This technology may swiftly block the inflow or diffusion of polluted underground water and may be used to prevent underground water pollution by improving and restoring the quality of underground water through a swift facility improvement of the underground water tube well that is being progressively polluted.

② This technology may be used for the prevention of pollution through the facility improvement of underground water tube wells around foot-and-mouth disease and AI buried lands. As this technology may be applied to the improvement of pollution prevention facilities for existing underground water tube wells, such as water supply facilities in Jeju-do, the Ministry of Defense, small size villages, and others, it makes it possible to provide clean and clear underground water. 

③ This technology may prevent the wasteful usage of national funds by discouraging the unconditional abandonment of polluted wells and the accompanying development of new underground water tube wells.


Ground Rotation Machine
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