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Biodiesel Production Method Using Fat Extracted from Food Waste
Category Energy/Resources Certification 10-1237899-0000
Company Konkuk University - Industry Cooperation Foundation
Address 120 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
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The technology relates to the production of biodiesel from fat derived from organic waste through the use of microorganisms. In particular, it cultures microorganisms using the fat acquired through the separation and purification of fat from organic wastes, such as food waste, livestock waste, and bio sludge.


With this technology’s clear benefit of converting food waste into high value-added products through chemical and biological processes, it has a high possibility of changing the people’s attitude towards food waste. 

The lipid refined from organic wastes can chemically convert the fat ingredient to biodiesel. The purpose of this technology  is to reuse food wastes with the separation the microorganism is cultivated the method capable of producing the biodiesel from the waste it stands with organic using the process of producing is provided.

This relates to a bio-energy production method that uses the fat ingredient extracted from food wastes as the substrate. The method also utilizes microorganisms and the non-uniform fat extraction water based on the fat ingredient used in the extracting procedure. The produced fat ingredient is utilized and applied to the microorganism, which was uniformly made through the microbial process.


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