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Technical Development of Advanced Wastewater Treatment of an Algae Cultivation Type for Livestock Wastewater and Biodiesel Production
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1. Summary

 Purpose of and Need for Research 

 * Livestock wastewater has a huge effect on water pollution due to its high concentrations of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorous. 

 * Recently, the bio-gasification facility is widely applied to livestock wastewater to recollect energy by converting highly-concentrated organic matters in livestock wastewater into methane gas using anaerobic digestion. 

 * Treatment of digestate from anaerobic digestion is an obstacle to increasing the number of bio-gasification facilities for livestock wastewater. In many cases, it is used for liquid fertilizer after stabilization, but there are a lot of problems due to the imbalance of supply and demand of such fertilizers. Also, excessive spraying of a liquid fertilizer on farmland functions as a nonpoint pollution source. As such, it is urgent to find a solution to these problems. 

 * Microalgae has the capabilities of advanced treatment of livestock wastewater and greenhouse reduction, as it consumes nitrogen and phosphorus during its growth. 

 * Therefore, treatment of digestate from livestock wastewater using microalgae can solve the problem with liquid fertilizer spray. At the same time, it can be possible to develop production technology for eco-friendly bioenergy that reduces greenhouse gas and produces biodiesel from livestock wastewater as a source of pollution.

 For more information, see the attached file.
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