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Development of Manufacturing Technology of Bio-Elastomer Based on Waste Vegetable Oil
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1. Summary

 Purpose of and Need for Research

 * Entering the 21st century, due to the finite nature of petroleum resources and the problem of greenhouse gas, petroleum substitute materials and resource-recyclable bio-degradable elastic materials have been required in the industry.

 * In particular, in the field of automotive materials, the development direction of materials is based on two keywords of environment and high fuel efficiency. Nature-based materials generated in waste biomass which is an environmental material are eco-friendly materials, and the development of technologies is considered to be urgent in the future with the effect of total recycling system of automobile industry.

 * By the growth of emerging industrial countries such as China and India and the use of resources for political purposes, the competition for securing petroleum resources is fierce and, in Korea, the development of substitute materials for oil is an urgent issue.

 * In particular, in recent years, instability in oil prices due to unstable conditions in the Middle East is bringing about a sense of crisis to us.

 * Therefore, this project has developed a bio-elastomer manufacturing technology which is synthesized on the basis of waste vegetable oil.

 * The synthesis of vegetable oil-based elastomers is a core technology of this project, anion synthesis (molecular weight regulation technology and molecular structure control technology) is an element technology, and silica plays an important role(reinforcing) as a filler in applied material part.

 * In this project, development was carried out with the technology of improving dispersibility.

 For more information, see the attached file.
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