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To develop and apply a deterministic model to estimate nutrient exchange at the sediment-water interface of riparian wetlands
Category Soil/Subterranean Water Management Organization Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Research Period Organization 2010.09.01~
Research Organization Ewha university Project Manager Jung-hyun, Choi
Category Soil/Subterranean Water Contact 02-3277-6686
Address Ewha-university 52, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Research Expenses 179,832,000 Joining Company -


: To develop a model that predics nutrient excahnge at the sediment-water interface of ripanrian wetlands and apply it

Contents and Range

- To have quantitative study about biological response in the sediment
- To establish a module about biogeochemical response in the sediment
- To research about  leaching properties of polluted materials in the sediment
- Added a module about effect on plants in wetlands
No Category Title File Update Hit
12 Soil/Subterranean Water To develop and apply a deterministic model to estimate nutrient exchange at the sediment-water interface of riparian wetlands 14-11-2014 1185
11 Soil/Subterranean Water Phytoremediation of soils contaminated with wood preservatives 17-10-2014 1199
10 Soil/Subterranean Water Soil quality assessment environmental impacts of livestock manure application to cropland 23-09-2014 1217
9 Soil/Subterranean Water Heavy-metal-contaminated soil and emission gas treatment technology development through thermal desorption with low-temperature extraction 19-09-2014 1202
8 Soil/Subterranean Water Development of Biomonitoring System and Collection of Biodiversity Resources for Fish-Borne Human Infecting Parasites 25-08-2014 1162
7 Soil/Subterranean Water Development of optimized technology for remediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals by using soil washing process 18-06-2014 1228
6 Soil/Subterranean Water Development of System for the Commercialization of Soil-groundwater Pollution Prevention Technology 24-12-2013 1846
5 Soil/Subterranean Water A Study on Deep Groundwater with a Focus on Germane Case 15-11-2013 1036
4 Soil/Subterranean Water Study on Feasibility of Project of Development of CO2 Storage Technology in Soil 19-09-2011 1594
3 Soil/Subterranean Water Development of new cleaning process to prevent soil contamination occurring when washing waste vinyl 20-04-2010 1660
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