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Development of Low-noise and Eco-friendly railway technologies
Category Noise/Vibration Management Organization Korea Railroad Research Institute
Research Period Organization 2012.01.01 ∼ 2012.12.31
Research Organization Korea Railroad Research Institute Project Manager Hyo-in Gho
Category Noise/Vibration Contact 031-460-5207
Address 176, Railroad Museum-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Research Expenses 1,450,000,000 won Joining Company


1. Objective

ㅇ To apply environmental impact reduction technology and develop noise map technology for low noise railroad implemention.

2. Contents and Range

ㅇ To develop railroad noise map considered the human auditory sense.

ㅇ To research break noise reduction method and curve section skill noise of rail cars.

ㅇ To develop optimization/commercialization techlonogy as a measurement of turnel micro pressure wave reduction.

ㅇ To develop technology to maintain and advance pollution treatment in the land around the railroad.

3. Result

ㅇ To develop a sound source/analysis module of a program that makes noise map considered human auditory sense.

ㅇ To secure high speed railroad brake noise reduction technology and suggest a curve part skill noise reduction measurement.

ㅇ To develop practical technology of tunnel exit/enterance/inner structure for tunnel micro pressure wave reduction in highway.

ㅇ To establish eco-friendly low-cost railroad pollution maintenance basis based on economics/environmental evaluation and to secure applicability through advancing polluted source treating technology in land of railroad.
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