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Development of phosphorus recovery from sewage and sludge using the adsorbent containing silicon
Category Health/Safety Management Organization Ministry of Environment
Research Period Organization 2011.08.01~2014.04.30
Research Organization Tae Sung Engineering Consultant. Co., Ltd Project Manager Haegun Lee
Category Health/Safety Contact 031-781-7150
Address jojeongdaero 150, Hanam-si, Gyungi-do
Research Expenses 960,010,000 Joining Company


1. Title

Total project name : Development of phosphorus recovery from sewage and sludge using the adsorbent containing silicon

Unit research projet  : Development of inorgaric adsorbent materials for phosphate removal from wastewater and technologies for its recovery

2. The Objective & Necessity of the Research
(1) Necessity for political and economical aspects
(2) Necessity for technical aspects
(3) Necessity for follow-up research of Eco Science-Technology Advancement Research Project
(4) Necessity for companiesneeds

3. Contents and Scope

(1) Objective : Development of removal and recovery technologies of phosphorus from sewage and sludge
(2) Goal of rsearch : Development of recycling technology through removal (90%) of phosphorus from sewage treatment and sludge removal
(3) Annual research plan

1st year

- Building and upgrading a material mass production system
- Optimization of synthesis process and establishing manufacturing systems
- Designing and operating pilot plant for second treated wastewater and recycle water

2nd year

- Obtaining system limiting factors through operating pilot plant
- Building adsorbent mass production systems

3rd year

- Establishing adsorbent mass production system
- Building integrated systems for sorption, regenration and recovery process
- Obtaining design database for plant design and completing system verification

4. Results

1. Markets and trends of domestic phosphorus processing
2. Surveying recoverable phosphorus concentration and scale
3. Applicability evaluation of adsorbent for reuse and recycling methods of phosphorus in return line
4. Building pilot plant (sorption-regeneration-recovery)
5. Results of pilot plant systems operation
6. Development of adsorbent for mass product prototype
   1) Characteristics of silica based adsorbent
   2) Synthesis of material with alternative material
   3) Applicability evaluation of adsorbent for mass product prototype
7. Resue and recycling methods of phosphorus
8. Building pilot plant of adsorbent for mass product prototype
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