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The Earth Information Infrastructure of Renewable Energy: The Establishment of Remote Sensing and Earth Science Applied Capacity
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Research Organization Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Project Manager Kim, Pyeoung-Su
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○ The progress of remote sensing and applied analysis of the earth environment information, which builds up structural capacity, has so far been able to find a couple of interpretative technologies that can easily apply to domains supporting a renewable energy decision.  The major findings of this study cast light on how information effectively reflects the characteristic of renewable energy.  

○ The development and application of the information management model has generally two issues. The first issue is concerned with quality of data, the degree of precision and scales. And the second is the fact that in many cases, the support of the renewable energy decision and the actual implementation of the support have been done mostly by international organizations at the government or national level.

○ The knowledge-based network will help to reduce the cost of establishing earth-information infrastructure and pressure caused by the intensity of data. The cost allocation mechanism designed to financially establish interpretative capacity and computer networks in research institutions can facilitate the knowledge -based network, and conceptions and technology of the mechanism can also apply to the network.  

○ Under any circumstances, the distributed information management, remote sensing and energy research based on the improved integration of the GIS hold a significant meaning when it comes to bringing structural capacity in charge of the transition to renewable energy. 

○ A variety of institutions including the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environment, Korea Industry Standard Certificate, Korea Topography Information Industry Association have also pushed forward policies on renewable energy mapping and relevant issues. As an energy poor country, a systematic and comprehensive analysis is required to maximize the utilization of energy. 
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