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Research about separation water process bio-fouling reduction through microorganism metabolic control.
Category Energy/Resources Management Organization Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Research Period Organization 2010.05.01 ~ 2013.04.30
Research Organization Korea University Industry-University Collaboration Project Manager Hee-Deung Park
Category Energy/Resources Contact 02-921-4861
Address Anam-ro 145, Sungbuk-gu, Seoul
Research Expenses Joining Company


1. Purpose of Research

To secure engineered design and operation factor to reduce bio-fouling through a research to control bio-fouling that affects on water process efficiency and operating expenses that used separation film.

2. Research Contents and Scope

To analyze mechanism and bio-film inhibitor

To analyze bio-film by using Microfluidic device

To analyze bio-film by using Lab-sacle RO device

3. Application Plan

To control bio film that generates on surface of a ship and an water supply pipe.
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