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Development of a technology that improves the efficiency and reduces the process of wasted Poly(lactic-acid) film manufacturing
Category Etc Management Organization The small and medium business administration
Research Period Organization 2011.07.01 ~ 2013.06.30
Research Organization Project Manager Chohyun Jeon
Category Etc Contact 053-560-6595
Address Jungri-dong 1083, Seo-gu, Daegu
Research Expenses 57,490,000 KW Joining Company


1. Purpose of Research

PLA, bioplastic, is currently thrown out about 35% of its total amount after molding and film forming process. PLA has higher price compared to common PET. Also its eco-friendly property brought us to develop a technology that manufactures this PLA waste.

2. Contents and Scope

To establish a eco-friendly technology with high efficiency through improving previous grinding, feeding, 

To develop waste-PLA reprocessing technology which has similar property as virgin one.

To reform property of matter through R-PLA and PBAT or PBS compound.

To develop a fiber electro-spinning technology of reforming PLA.

3. Application

It can be used as a container or a bag otherwise for soil reinforcement or as a wall protecting materials in a construction field.

It can be used as a seed container, sheet that has a problem in discarding after the use, and for a net or a rope.
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