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Technical Reports

Automobile Bumper Manufacturing Technology Using Composite Polypropylene Material
Category Waste
Source apec-vc


1. Outline

 * Technology to manufacture automobile bumpers using composite polypropylene material recycled from waste polypropylene.


2. Characteristic

 * Collection → removal of foreign matter → cleansing → melting → additive mixing process.

 * Collect waste plastic parts and materials from waste vehicles.

 * Improve physical properties of waste plastics using functional filler.

 * Improve product stability by increasing tensile strength and flexural strength.

 * Applicable as resin for automobile bumpers and interior/exterior resin.

 * Capable of producing with less energy and carbon production compared to new polypropylene, manufacturing cost reduction effect.

 * Waste resource saving effect by recycling waste polypropylene.

 * Capable of reacting to automobile-related environmental regulations by developing economic-friendly materials for automobiles.

 * Activation of waste plastic recycling.


For more information, see the attached file.
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