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Technical Reports

CDP, Max Registry or the global umbrella of environmental information disclosure
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CDP is a global financial institution is a center for businesses in 2003

Began as called for addressing climate change is a global information disclosure related management information disclosure initiatives.

CDP began as climate change is becoming Thoreau maximum registration of environmental information disclosure was truly neolhimyeonseo the issue of water and forest resources.

Climate change is a sign the request for information disclosure The more severe financial institutions is increasing,

Information is also seeing a public company on an ongoing basis.

Companies are now unable to cope with not knowing is properly led to the disclosure of environmental information by climate change CDP,

Financial institutions have been unable to properly assess the value of the company.

This paper helps a systematic understanding of the CDP CDP is party and have some background and a logical structure,

In addition, while performing a variety of programs which examined whether becoming a global umbrella of environmental information disclosure.

In addition, the most widespread CDP Climate Change Program of the question structure and index

And seeks to recognize the importance of the CDP response by looking at the year of the CDP results.



CDP Climate Change 2014 Result

A firm response to the CDP Climate Change at the request of investors worldwide amounted to 1971 in 2014. Includes 87 double dog domestic companies. CDP is provided to stakeholders, including investors, to assess, depending on the response to climate change while all corporate information in a comprehensive analysis of the response to climate change tend to derive the level of the published evaluation methodology of individual companies.

CDP was incorporated into the British headquarters CPLI excellent company 189 companies in "The A List".
The name of the dog raised 14 Korean companies. 14 Korean companies including massive gun dog days of Lee Myung-bak government of national green growth agenda, even though the result may be that the companies have accumulated competitiveness through the CDP was launched in the country since 2008.
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112 Waste Automobile Bumper Manufacturing Technology Using Composite Polypropylene Material 09-08-2017 1264
111 Water Natural River Water Quality·Quantity Determination Technology Using Flagship Species(Fish) Database 04-07-2017 1044
110 Air Electrostatic Dust Collecting MPS(Micro Pulse System) Technology for Energy Saving and Dust Control 23-05-2017 727
109 Waste Recycling Technology of Fly Ash Using Wet Flotation (Senosphere, Unburned Carbon, Magnetite, Silica, and Mullite) 05-04-2017 1042
108 Waste Technology to Produce Circulatory Coarse Aggregate for Concrete, Using Multi-stage Paddle and Eccentric Structural Impact Crusher 05-04-2017 877
107 Water Manufacturing Technology of Neutral Solidifying Agent for Sewage Sludge Processing 13-03-2017 737
106 Water Removal System of Solid Substance and Phosphorus by Low Pressure Floating Device (LAF) 13-03-2017 712
105 Air Untreated Sewage Treatment Technology during Rainfall Using Micro-bubble and Three-stage Bulkhead Type Flotation Plant 08-02-2017 965
104 Air Emitted CO₂ Gas Capture·Materialization Process Using Alkali Suspension Micro-bubble Reactor 08-02-2017 796
103 Etc CDP, Max Registry or the global umbrella of environmental information disclosure 19-03-2015 5119
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