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Technical Reports

Emitted CO₂ Gas Capture·Materialization Process Using Alkali Suspension Micro-bubble Reactor
Category Air


* Technology that absorbs and captures carbon dioxide in combustion exhaust gas from power plant by using alkali suspension and micro-bubble reactor in order to use as industrial raw material such as cement substitute



* Contribution to domestic carbon dioxide capture technology (CCU) industry
 - Respond to governments greenhouse gas reduction policy
 - Contributing to the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 7th in the world for total carbon emissions
 - Recycling of CO2 through first domestic 10 ton CO2 capture technology

 * Installed as demonstration project in Incheon Environmental Corporation Chungna Incinerator 
 - Expected to realize clean atmosphere
 - Maintain efficiency rate of 90% for CO2 removal

 * Expected to account for 19% of global greenhouse gas reduction amount before 2050
 - Established a foothold in entering the global market
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