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Technical Reports

Untreated Sewage Treatment Technology during Rainfall Using Micro-bubble and Three-stage Bulkhead Type Flotation Plant
Category Air


1. Outline

 * Technology that can process 1,000 tons in 15 minutes using micro-bubbles and three-stage bulkhead floatation plant, while conventional biological treatment technology takes 12 hours.


2. Characteristic

 * In-line high-speed coagulation system enables coagulation treatment within 10 seconds by swirling eddy type, reducing drug input by more than 30%.
 - Prevent secondary pollution of water quality caused by over-dosage of medicines.
 - Reduction effect of odor due to fast processing speed.

 * Dual-time micro-bubble generation technology generates low-pressure, high-efficiency bubbles (less than 2.5 kgf / cm) to remove fine sludge.
 - Improvement in water treatment efficiency by removing fine sludge.

 * The high-efficiency floating technology ensures sufficient bubble coating retention time by the partition wall using the first domestic three-stage up-and-down lifting principle, and the floating sludge effluent is zeroed through the electric water level control software.


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