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Technical Reports

Manufacturing Technology of Neutral Solidifying Agent for Sewage Sludge Processing
Category Water


1. Outline

 * Reducing technology of elution of heavy metals like copper by securing safety of solid material long term intensity through solidifying method from dissolving, drying, heat decomposing and composting methods for processing sewage sludge.


2. Characteristic

 * Possible to use as cover materials of landfill facilities of solid substance produced from solidifying method.

 * Various applicable fields such as application to water stream and dam construction, construction of high water content soil, environmentally friendly packaging of pedestrian walkway and farm roads. 

 * In case of sedimentary sludge, it decomposes in anaerobic state occurring bad odor, neutral solidifying agent eliminates occurrence of and odor and at the same time reduces water content by increasing absorbability. 

 * Reduces water content of sewage sludge to 65% or lower.

 * Possible to reduce occurrence of bad odor by pH of solid substance reaching nearly neutrality (7-9) when neutral solidifying agent is used.

 * Resolve complaints from bad odor.


For more information, see the attached file.
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