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Technical Reports

Natural River Water Quality·Quantity Determination Technology Using Flagship Species(Fish) Database
Category Water
Source apec-vc


1. Outline

 * Freshwater fish inhabiting aquatic ecosystems are selected as key indicator species and used as a database for estimating and evaluating ecological flow and target water quality and restoring the environment.


2. Characteristic

 * First domestic development of natural river water quality·quantity determination system.

 * Possible to constantly monitor the quality and quantity of water in the river by regularly loading database data.
 - Unlike previous researches based on literature data, typical ecological fish species(flagship species) are researched to reflect ecological, geographical, and cultural features, which makes accuracy excellent.
 - Systematic maintenance of water quality and facilities.
 - Capable of reducing the cost since separate water quality monitoring service is not required.

 * Capable of utilizing in various fields such as water pollution total amount system, etc. where water quality monitoring and water management are required.
 - Protecting rivers from being streamed, expecting effects of ecological river parks and biological habitat provision.

 For more information, see the attached file.


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