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Technical Reports

Workplace Odor Removal Technology Development Trends
Category Health/Safety


Odor exists in the air as components state and stimulates the humans sense of smell so that it is called as a psychological 

pollution which damage human psychologically. 

In Korea, odor prevention act has been enacted in 2005, and related law enforcement system has been consistently enhanced.

Method for controlling odor are distinguished as physicochemical methods and biological methods.

Listing the type of methods, there are cleaning method, adsorption, ozone oxidation, biological deodorization method, 

combustion, deodorant spraying, plasma and so on.

Among the list, cleaning methods, adsorption, combustion, spraying deodorant, etc are considered as usiversal ozone oxidation 

technology widely applying in the workplace until now.

But, biological deodorization methods, plasma deodorization methods are needed more research.



1. What is Odor?

2. The source of the odor

 1) Natural Sources

 2) Anthropogenic Sources

   -Chemical Plant
   -Pump mils
   -Wastewater, Sewage treatment plants
   -Incomplete combustion of fuel
   -Automotive Diesel Engine
   -Meat or Fish processing
Impact on the human body
1. Olfactory Property
 1) Sensitivity
 2) Fatigue Compliance
 3) Individual Gap
 4) Threshold Concentration Change
2. The human body odor hazards

Odor control technology development trends

1. Odor control technology classification
2. The main characteristic by odor control technologies
 1) Cleaning Methods
 2) Adsorption
 3) Ozone Oxidation
 4) Biological Deodorization Method
 5) Combustion
 6) Deodorant Classification
 7) Plasma Deodorizing Method
 8) Photocatalytic Deodorizing Method

Odor control technology challenges of future correspondence


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