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Eco-Friendly Organic Agricultural Materials
Category Soil/Subterranean Water
Certificate Model Name Eco-Friendly Organic Agricultural Materials
Companies Chumdan Environment, Co., Ltd Address
URL E-mail
Application Part Fax


 • Product which sufficiently filtered and aged materials extracted by burning bamboo below 400 ℃; Use bamboo vinegar as a main material with high degree of maturity, acidity, specific gravity and purity 
 eco-green 
• Since the functional bamboo vinegar contains high levels of polypehnol and organic acid, it is excellent in suppressing and evading disease and insect pest, accelerating mineral absorption, and improving immunity against various pathogenic fungi 


• Very effective in relieving continuous cropping hazard, leaf injury, and soil toxin as well as promoting rooting and growth and controlling mite 
• Perfect active nutritional supplements of chelate type: Stimulation of cell growth, rooting, flowering, germination and preservation of fruit’s freshness with various plant hormones in bamboo vinegar 
• Effective in purifying the air and removing residual pesticide and its odor by generating negative ion 
 eco-green 
• To help retain moisture and incorporate soil around roots of plant 
• Osmophilic to drought and cold-resistance with fructan which is a main material 
• Very effective in improving tolerance to drought and cold weather as well as improving soil and stimulating growth



• Organic agricultural technique 
• Eco-friendly agricultural technique

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