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Silicon Coated Paper Cup
Category Health/Safety
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Companies Els Address Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
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Application Part Fax


 The merits of silicon-laminated paper cup

The majority of the existing cups are coated with PE on the inner side. When hot water poured in the cups, or microwave them, it has possibility that the PE coated parts can be melted down and hazard chemicals can be came out from it. 

Even Nong Shim and Samyang adrressed these issues, such as cup ramen producers are using nylon or PP or cornstarch to coat the surface of the cup, it does not help the problem. 

You can notice this issue by reading the message they put on the product saying you should eat it in 10 minutes after pouring the hot water.



Silicon is harmless material without any harmful endocrine, also its heat resistance is high which to be 450 degree celcius so it is very hygienic.



It can be used for a container for any hot food such as paper cups.

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