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Trend of Wastewater Treatment Filter Market
Category Water


Trend of Wastewater Treatment Filter Market 

1. Summary 

* In order to preserve river ecosystem, the water quality standard of effluent water for sewage treatment facilities in the whole country has been strengthened, so that it is inevitable to secure a wastewater treatment facility, and the filtration process for treating various wastewaters is becoming an important task. 

* Currently, filtration facilities used in sewage treatment plants are mainly using the membrane filtration method which is capable of sand filtration or advanced treatment of sewage, but they have disadvantages such as complicated facilities and high cost. 

* It is necessary to develop a wastewater treatment filter to solve various problems of existing filters and to overcome the present condition that major filtration facilities depend on foreign products due to lack of original technology of filtration equipment. 

2. Current status 

Trend and level of domestic technology 

* In recent years, industrial filtration apparatuses, which use the method that installs bundles of fiber yarns as filter media around perforated pipes (perforated plates), compresses them with pressing devices such as rotating devices, filters them with small pore sizes, relaxes them, and backwashes them with pressed air and backwashing water with pore sizes enlarged, have been researched. 

* Domestic membrane filtration technologies have reached the world-class level but, due to the lack of source technologies, there is a limit to the domestic production of membranes, so expensive foreign products are mainly used. 

Trend of domestic and overseas market 

* Sewage and wastewater treatment filter system market. 
- World: expected to be 6.6 trillion won in 2012 and 8 trillion won in 2016. 
- Domestic: expected to be 66 billion won in 2012 and 85 billion won in 2016. 

For more information, see the attached file.



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