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Trend and Current Status of Low Carbon Car Industry
Category Air


Trend and Current Status of Low Carbon Car Industry 

1. Summary 

Need for the growth of low carbon car industry 

* It is estimated that there are the following needs in the growth of the low carbon car industry. 
- There is a need to secure a market that meets the carbon dioxide emission (fuel efficiency) regulations that are strengthened to prevent global warming. 
- Competitiveness of domestic automobile industry should be secured. 
- It is necessary to vitalize the carbon dioxide reduction parts market and to strengthen the competitiveness of the countrys carbon credits in accordance with the need to reduce carbon dioxide in the aftermarket. 
- The validity of the carbon dioxide allowance to be applied after 2015 should be examined. 

2. Current status 

Trend of domestic and overseas technologies 

- Already overseas developed countries are commercializing reduction technologies. 
- Korea is in the technology review with Hyundai Motor Company and its affiliates as the center, and the commercialization is partly underway. 
- If reduction technologies are concentrated on one company, national competitiveness has no choice but to weaken in terms of strengthening product competitiveness through free competition and, therefore, technologies should be universalized to expand the industry as a whole and to create an atmosphere in which companies can compete. 

Trend of domestic and overseas market 

* China is emerging as the worlds largest single market. 

For more information, see the attached file.



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