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Trend of Environment Monitoring Biosensor Market
Category Air


1. Summary 

* The biosensor has characteristics of being used as an indicator of the organic load variation or as an indicator of the air quantity control by measuring the disappearing characteristics of electrons by transferring them to different electron receptors depending on the reaction state of the coenzyme hydrolysis involved in microbial metabolism. 

* Recently, there is a growing demand for improving the management functions of biosensors, which are widely applied to environment monitoring index. 

* Biosensors are widely used in medical and biotechnology fields, but there are not many cases applied in water treatment field, and some cases have been reported to be installed only in some sewage and wastewater treatment facilities. 

* The biosensor applied to the water treatment is different from the conventional biosensor in that it is applied to the continuous water treatment process and used for the water quality management and that as it is immersed in the water at all times, it could cause a fatal failure of the device upon leakage. 

* Biosensors applied to water treatment require operators to easily understand the state of the equipment to prepare for malfunctions and to apply various functions to protect the equipment in case of an emergency and, in case of a sewage and wastewater treatment facilities, as they are installed in several regions, there are limitations to the maintenance and management of individual devices widely distributed in the regions. 

* In order to overcome these risks and limitations, there is a movement to introduce a self-diagnosis system into a biosensor, and the self-diagnosis system automatically diagnoses exceptions such as sensor or communication system failures without administrator’s intervention, and minimizes the abnormal operation period of the system by transmitting them to the user and making him/her take urgent actions if necessary. 

* The self-diagnosis technology of the biosensor provides various functions such as improvement of the maintenance efficiency of the biosensor which is a key element of the energy saving technology, providing information in case of an emergency or event, and providing information on the operation status of the biosensor to the user, and it also has a characteristic that it transfers information to the user on the basis of wireless communication. 

For more information, see the attached file.



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