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Evaluation of the Soil / Underground Water Environment Preservation Project
Category Soil/Subterranean Water


After the late 1990s, it was found out that the level of soil / underground water pollution around closed mines, U.S. military camps, and industrial complexes is alarmingly serious. Moreover, a total of 4,799 livestock burial sites were created across the nation from 2010 to 2011 because of foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza (AI) outbreaks, and the resultant soil / underground water pollution has surfaced as issues that require immediate solution.

This report describes the current status of soil / underground water environment preservation projects that focus on the postmanagement of livestock burial sites and environmental management projects for unused/closed mines, and analyzes related issues to seek possible improvements.

The evaluation revealed the following issues: inadequate countermeasures against soil / underground water pollution caused by such pollutants as leakage spilled from burial sites, the lack of awareness and expertise of postmanagement personnel on underground water pollution, and the possibility of budget waste caused by water supply to burial sites without consideration of local conditions. In addition, the soil/water pollution investigation on unused/closed mines was found to be inefficient and redundant, and the lack of cooperation between different government departments hindered the effective implementation of projects to prevent mine-caused damages. Other issues revealed through the evaluation include the lack of on-site investigation on soil / underground water pollution and basic data, insufficient resources for soil / underground water purification and restoration, and inefficiency caused by a separation between underground water volume management and underground water quality management.

In light of the above, the government should raise awareness on the seriousness of soil / underground water pollution, improve the efficiency of budget distribution, make efforts for pollutant investigation and database construction, revitalize cooperation between different departments and participation from the private sector, prepare plans to procure resources for soil / underground water purification, and make other efforts to consolidate the institutional basis.



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