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Method to Improve System for Safety and Management of Harmful Chemical Substances
Category Health/Safety


As an industrial structure is most of the time considered sophisticated, the amount of chemicals used continues to increase and with this, more and more chemical accidents occur.
①	A total of 43,000 types of chemicals are locally distributed and more than 400 new types of chemicals enter into the market each year 
②	A total of 87 chemical accidents occurred in 2013, which was 9.7 times more than the preceding year.

□ Joennam is a region where a large volume of chemicals are handled, distributed, and emitted. 
①	Jeonnam is rated as the No. 1 area in chemical substances circulation and first-degree carcinogen emission 
-	32.4% (140 million tons) of nationwide chemical substance circulation was circulated in Jeonnam in 2010. The emission of 11 types of the first-degree carcinogen, such as 
                benzene, formaldehyde, etc., was 131.4 tons in 2012
□ The system to manage and control chemical substances and prevent and manage chemical accidents has been reinforced in Korea and abroad. 
①	The government has laid grounds to manage chemical substances and respond to chemical accidents through the amendment of the Chemicals Control Act, enactment of 
                the Act on the Registration and Evaluation, etc., of Chemical Substances, establishment of chemical substances specialized agency, etc.
[Plans for Improving Cheonnam’s Harmful Chemical Management System]

□ Construction of Chemical Substance Safety Network 
②	To construct a 24/7 safety inspection system for place of business where chemical substances are handled
③	To place a person in charge of chemical substances management under Environmental Policy Department of Jeonnam-do and compose and operate (tentatively named) 
                Jeonnam-do Chemical Safety Consultative Group” to act as counsel for chemical accidents 
④	To share information on chemical substances with the local community to prevent chemical accidents and to equip the residents with enough information for them to quickly 
                and effectively react in cases of accidents
⑤	To promote the “Yeosu-si WHO International Safety City Certificate” project through construction of grounds for safety improvement mutual cooperation, such as construction 
                of international safety city meeting, preparation of program for chemical accident prevention, etc.

□ Removal of potential risks and hazardous factors for chemical accidents
①	To promote the designation of Yeosu National Industrial Complex as a “deteriorated industrial complex remodeling sector” 
※	Deteriorated Industrial Complex Remodeling Project: A project that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy promote 
                to improve the safety and management system and restore the competitiveness of the deteriorated industrial complex
②	Strengthening of management of vehicle for harmful chemical substances 
③	To expand and enforce program to reduce carcinogen emission

□ Establishment of systematic chemical accident prevention/reaction system
①	To increase effectiveness of chemical accident reaction manual
②	To integrate and manage statistics on chemical accidents at the Chemical Substances Safety Institute
③	To strengthen chemical accident reaction capability by repeatedly executing joint simulation training
④	To secure protective equipment and drugs, such as chemical protective clothing, preventive drugs, necessary for the initial reaction with Jeollanam-do disaster management funds
⑤	To reduce secondary damages because of leakage of chemical substances through greening of surroundings of Industrial Complex and installing a buffering storage facilities.



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