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Trend of Food Waste Treatment Business
Category Waste
SOURCE apec-vc


Trend of Food Waste Treatment Business 

1. Summary 

* Recently, since food waste has been attracting attention as a new renewable energy source as well as a biomass energy source, it is necessary to take measures for the treatment of food waste, recovering resources, and energizing. 

* Recently, biogasification of food waste and livestock manure has attracted attention as a new renewable energy source as well as an emerging alternative to the prohibition of marine dumping of organic waste. 

* In response to the prohibition of marine dumping of organic waste, the construction of new biogasification facilities is in full swing. 

* In contrast, there are many facilities where the operation efficiency (the methane gas generation rate, the organic component decomposition rate, etc.) is below the treatment efficiency standard, and there are many cases where the operation rate is below the normal operation rate due to lack of the operation and maintenance technology. 

* It is necessary to increase the operation efficiency of the biogasification facilities which are emerging as a treatment method for food waste, and to operate the facility in a stable manner. 

2. Current status 

Trend of food waste policies 

* Organic waste (food waste and wastewater) has been banned from direct landfilling from January 2005. 

* In addition to strengthening marine discharging standards for wastes, the ocean dumping of food waste generated on land has been entirely prohibited from 2013 in accordance with the Marine Environment Management Act. 

Current status of food waste treatment 

* The amount of domestic food waste generation. 
- The cost of processing has surged more than three times during the last three years. 

For more information, see the attached file.
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