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Trend of the Soil Pollution Purification Industry Market
Category Soil/Subterranean Water


1. Overview 

Overview of Soil Pollution 

Soil pollution occurs because massive harmful wasteso r general wastes are being discharged too r buried in land, and air pollutants fall to the ground 

Since 1995, when the Soil Environment Conservation Act was enacted, the soil environment preservation policy in Korea has been developed for each section 

Identification of soil pollution status through a soil pollution measurement network and studying the actual condition of soil pollution; the pollutant management policy, such as oil storage facilities; and the investigation and purification policy of abandoned mines and mines not used 

Soil pollution is becoming worse due to the increase in various soil pollutants caused by land development and industrial development, which are being performed without any consideration of soil preservation 
- The rise in energy consumption, such as oil; environmental pollution in returned US military bases; soil pollution in military bases and in abandoned mines and industrial complexes; an increase in wastes; and the use of harmful chemicals make soil pollution worse 

Regulations and Laws on Soil Environment 

According to the soil environment preservation policy, a party that causes soil pollution should take responsibility for the pollution 

The regulations and laws are composed of practical and detailed items, and related rules and binding forces are becoming stronger 

No-fault liability 

Joint responsibility 

For more information, see the attached file.
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3 Soil/Subterranean Water Trend of the Soil Pollution Purification Industry Market
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