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Status and Prospect of Clean Gas Station
Category Energy/Resources


1. Overview 
* Background 
- Gas stations account for 60% or more of specific soil pollution management facilities according to Soil Environment Conservation Act 
- Considering its characteristics that gas stations are buried under the ground, they may easily lead soil pollution 
- The storage tanks of gas stations in Korea are composed of steel tanks and pipes. Thus, they are vulnerable to the corrosion caused by moisture, and it is limited to prevent soil pollution in advance under the current post-management system 
- To prevent the causes of pollution in advance, it is determined to structurally improve gas station facilities like storage tank, pipe, and lubricator 
- The system of setting clean gas stations is promoted 
* Definition 
- Clean gas station indicates a gas station that prevents the leakage or spillage of pollutants with double-wall tanks, double piping, facilities preventing overflow or spillage, etc. and the pollution dispersion by rapidly checking problems through detectors 
* Advanced prevention 
- Soil pollution is mainly caused by the corrosion of gas station facilities or overflow of oil 
- Facility structures of gas stations need to be improved to prevent pollution causes in advance 

For more information, see the attached file
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