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Trend of Mercury Recovery Industry
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 Trend of Mercury Recovery Industry 

1. Summary 

* Currently, South Korea is the worlds ninth largest mercury discharging country with the United Nations Environment Program announcement, raising concerns about mercury-induced public health. 

* In Korea, the Toxic Chemicals Control Act has designated mercury as a toxic substance. 

* Currently in Korea, the 2nd comprehensive mercury control system, which includes the establishment of a response system against the International Mercury Treaty, has been established and implemented and, with preparing the plan to improve the mercury-containing waste control system against the International Mercury Treaty, by expanding appropriate treatment facilities as well as by establishing the investigation of the actual discharging status and the standards and methods for the treatment of mercury-containing waste, a comprehensive control system is being constructed. 

* For those reasons, there is a growing demand for an eco-friendly mercury recovery and storage technology that does not generate the secondary pollutants using nano-particles. 

2. Current status 

Current status of domestic mercury discharge and disposal 

*Korea is the ninth largest producer of mercury in the world, with about two-thirds of the total mercury being discharged in Asia, along with China and India, and the amount of discharge is estimated at about 32 tons. 

*The amount of imported mercury in Korea in 2011 reached 10.2 tons. 

For more information, see the attached file.
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