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Development of a Waste Management Master Plan for Indonesia
Category Waste


- This project was intended to promote the environmental industry exchanges between both countries by establishing a medium- and long-term Master Plan for National Waste Management for the sustainable development of Indonesia and create a cooperation basis for environmental industries and environmental technologies of both countries by developing a joint cooperation project in the waste sector.  

- First, investigation and analysis of the general status, environment management status and international cooperation status of Indonesia and the specific status of 6 local governments in Java Island in order to understand the general status and status of the waste sector of Indonesia. 
- Second, a proposal of detailed contents of a waste management law which is proper for local standards of Indonesia and of a policy direction for waste management based on the waste laws and policies of Korea.
- Third, a proposal of Korea-Indonesia Joint Cooperation Project by classifying them into intergovernmental cooperation field, policy research field and project development field. 

For more information, see the attached file.
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