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Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Address 47, Gwanmoonro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea HomePage
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- The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) is a product of Korea’s past success and future ambition. Over the past 
  generation, Korea has soared to remarkable heights as the nation industrialized and rapidly transformed into an 
  economic powerhouse. Now at the doorstep of entering the world’s elite, Korea looks to its economic future and   
  aspires to craft a vibrant, wealthy society with an increased focus on a new type of economy. The Ministry of 
  Knowledge Economy was created to achieve this ambition.

- A knowledge economy embeds traditional goods and services with a premium derived from greater levels of research 
  and innovation intelligence. Korea is turning its focus to accentuate the production of these globally-competitive, 
  value-added goods and services. Different from other economic models which rely primarily on natural resources or 
  manpower, knowledge will be the primary engine of productivity and growth for the Korean economy.

- At its core, the Ministry strives to assemble traditional industrial know-how, cutting edge R&D, and strong pro-
  business policies. MKE is a seamlessly integrated composition of former Ministries of Commerce, Industry and 
  Energy; Information and Communication; and Science and Technology. This combination provides a vast array 
  of experts to create synergies, spur innovation, and upgrade the nation’s economy.

- As an advocate for economic growth, MKE has considerable jurisdiction in creating a more business-friendly 
  environment. The Ministry also pushes for development of new growth engines by supporting Information and 
  Communications Technologies (ICT) and high-end manufacturing. It also promotes foreign trade, pursues 
  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and champions efficient markets. 

- Furthermore, the Ministry is mandated to engage in energy cooperation projects, expand renewable resources and 
  distribution networks, and craft environmentally-friendly economic policies. These initiatives work to fulfill the 
  Ministry’s additional responsibility of providing for Korea’s day-to-day energy requirements.

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21 Korea Food & drug Administration 02-05-2013 2195
20 Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center of Korea 28-03-2013 3170
19 Ministry of Knowledge Economy 19-01-2012 2534
18 Korea Forest Service 07-10-2011 2643
17 Ministry of Land, Transport and Marine Affairs 23-09-2011 7813
16 The Korea Waste Association 06-09-2011 2541
15 Korea Environmental Corporation 12-05-2011 4229
14 Presidential Committee on Green Growth 24-02-2011 2526
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