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Korea Food & drug Administration
Address Osong Health Technology Administration Complex, 187 Osongsaengmyeong2(i)-ro, Osong-eup, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea HomePage
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Korea is in a transitional period of transforming into an advanced country. At this very juncture, the KFDA promises to lead public safety, health, happiness and quality of life that reflect the economic size and the global place the Korea stands. 

For this, the KFDA will strengthen safety control system for food imports. It will place its focus on establishing predictable import inspection system that inspects hazardous foods based on the scientific analysis of import information and history. In addition, importers of illegal or violative products will be managed under the blacklist and the list will publicly be available to increase transparency. On-site inspection will be strengthened in order to block the food imports that are not verified of its safety. 

Second, the KFDA will promote healthy diet for children. Food hygiene and safety as well as nutrition are important factors in children’s diet. Most children form lifelong eating patterns by school age. For this reason, childhood services should have a responsibility for the nutrition of children in their care and educate smart eating habits in children. The KFDA will reinforce Center for Child-care Foodservice Management and address issues of food hygiene and safety, designation of Greenfood zone within the school zone and continue to promote low sodium campaign. 

Third, the KFDA will improve safety system for medical products including narcotics. The KFDA will root-out the cause of the problems related to addiction and misuse of psychotropic substances and narcotics such as propofol that has been a social issue in 2012. 

Tracking management for narcotics will be made as mandatory and rehabilitation education for drug addicts will be expanded. In addition, the KFDA will raise consumer awareness by promoting safe use of over-the-counter drugs sold in convenience stores. The KFDA will also conduct thorough management of medical devices used by the elderly including implants and hearing aids. Illegal, false and exaggerated advertisements and sales targeted at the elderly will be dealt with in strict fairness through public private alliance. 

Fourth, the KFDA will contribute in strengthening the health industry through alleviating regulations in a creative manner. It will continuously develop Korea’s approval system at the global standard so the growth capacity of domestic pharmaceutical industry will further develop amid the increasing FTA between countries. It will put efforts to verify the safety and efficacy of new drugs on biological products, biosimilars and technology converged medical devices so that these products dominate the market in advance. It will also closely work in cooperation with the relevant institutions such as Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service and Health Center and County Hospital in order to expand the treatment opportunities by facilitating the advanced products to enter the market.


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