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Korea Environmental Corporation
Address Environmental Research Complex, Gyeongseo-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon city HomePage
fax +82-32-590-3169 E-mail


The homepage of Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) is open to all netizens, and is a place where visitors can
share their passion and love for the environment with others. 

It is a great honor to be able to meet you all in this small region of cyber space, and I hope that we can become 
closer through communication and information exchange. 

As you all know, the 15th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) was held in 
Copenhagen recently, where many environment-related global issues such as climate change were intensely 
discussed during the convention period. In addition, a great degree of change is expected domestically as 
well, as the new Low Carbon & Green Growth Law becomes applied. 

During this important period of global and domestic transition, KECO has been established on January, 1, 2010, 
in an effort to help with the Green Growth of Korea.

The goals of the newly established cooperation is to upgrade all previous environmental projects, and to quickly 
respond to international trends and guide Korea into a Green advanced country. 

The cooperation will especially focus on the following 5 projects: 
  - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions & Responding to climate change 
  - Improving the water qualities and surrounding environments of the 4 major rivers 
  - Reinforcing environment-related health issues, such as safety management of child activity areas 
  - Installing waste resource energy facilities & Establishing a circulatory resource management system
  - Supporting national environmental policies & Cultivating the environmental industry  
The adventurous journey of KECO has just begun. We are ready to bring a creative, yet effective element to our 
work. And were very hopeful that we can help Korea become the mecca of Green Growth. 


No Title File Update Hit
23 National Institute of Agricultural Sciences 03-11-2015 3366
22 National Institute of Environmental Research 23-07-2015 1354
21 Korea Food & drug Administration 02-05-2013 2196
20 Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center of Korea 28-03-2013 3171
19 Ministry of Knowledge Economy 19-01-2012 2534
18 Korea Forest Service 07-10-2011 2644
17 Ministry of Land, Transport and Marine Affairs 23-09-2011 7814
16 The Korea Waste Association 06-09-2011 2542
15 Korea Environmental Corporation 12-05-2011 4230
14 Presidential Committee on Green Growth 24-02-2011 2526
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