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Ministry of Land, Transport and Marine Affairs
Address 4 dong, Gwacheon Governmental Complex, 88, Gwanmun-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea HomePage
fax +82-2-2150-1000 E-mail


[Message from the Minister]

- Because the size of our territory is quite limited compared to our population and volume of the economy, we should 
  maximize the productivity of our territory including the use of ocean to stay as one of the frontrunners in the current 
  society of unlimited global competition. The territory, land and ocean, is the grounds for peoples’ life and 
  enterprises’ economic activities. 

  The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea, promises to administrate our territory creatively 
  and flexibly based on new paradigms and strategies so that more spaces are available for needs. 

- We will put all of our passion to undertake given missions from the high class nation such as maintaining sustainable 
  green territory with good balance and strong competitiveness, sufficient spaces with elegance and culture for 
  people’s lives, achievement of expected housing welfare, development of worldwide logistics network for land and 
  marine, providence of fast and convenient transportation service, and accomplish of competitive and advanced 
  construction business. We as the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs shall be the Ministry loved by the 
  nation due we satisfy citizen’s happiness and hopes.


- MLTM shall contribute to transforming Korea into one of the world’s best countries, by creating a fruitful and beautiful 
  territory for our future generations, establishing transport and logistics system that reaches out to 5 oceans and 6 


- MLTM shall become one of the best Ministries trusted by the nation by providing the grounds for happy lives based on 
  livable territorial environment and convenient transport and logistics services.

No Title File Update Hit
23 National Institute of Agricultural Sciences 03-11-2015 3366
22 National Institute of Environmental Research 23-07-2015 1353
21 Korea Food & drug Administration 02-05-2013 2196
20 Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center of Korea 28-03-2013 3171
19 Ministry of Knowledge Economy 19-01-2012 2534
18 Korea Forest Service 07-10-2011 2644
17 Ministry of Land, Transport and Marine Affairs 23-09-2011 7814
16 The Korea Waste Association 06-09-2011 2541
15 Korea Environmental Corporation 12-05-2011 4229
14 Presidential Committee on Green Growth 24-02-2011 2526
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