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Korea Forest Service
Address 1 dong, Government Complex-Daejeon, 189, Cheongsa-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Korea HomePage
fax +82-42-472-3222 E-mail


[Message from the Minister]
  - Planting and taking care of forest is one way of providing better life by contributing to the countrys economy and 
   mitigating climate change. Welcome to the official web-site of the Korea Forest Service(KFS) of the Republic of 
  - On behalf of the KFS, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your continued support. KFS is aiming to 
   build Sustainable Green Welfare Nation with a mission to promote healthy forests, rich mountains and happy people.
  - The importance of forest is being recognized in various sectors, including environmental, economic, social, and 
   cultural fields. Now that global environmental problems caused by climate change have become a global agenda, 
   the significance of forest is all the more emphasized because of its-considerable source of carbon sink. Forest 
   management contributes not only to improving the quality of life and economy, but also to conserving the global 
   environment. KFS firmly believes that effective use and management of forest is of great importance considering that 
   forest accounts for over 60% of the land.
  - We hope you find relevant information and enjoy your visit to the KFS website. We wish to encourage your 
   participation and we highly appreciate your valuable contribution. I would like to ask for your unrelenting 
   support and cooperation for KFS policies aiming to bring trees and nature to our everyday life.

[National Vision for Green Growth]
  - Koreas new national vision for the forthcoming 60 years is Low Carbon Green Growth. The Korean government 
   has elaborately designed a new paradigm of a green society, aiming to transfer the current energy system 
   inevitably emitting a large amount of greenhouse gases into a low carbon society with high power-efficiency. 
   This forward-looking vision for national development is surely to help address environmental issues including 
   global warming and facilitate sustainable development.


No Title File Update Hit
23 National Institute of Agricultural Sciences 03-11-2015 3366
22 National Institute of Environmental Research 23-07-2015 1353
21 Korea Food & drug Administration 02-05-2013 2195
20 Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center of Korea 28-03-2013 3170
19 Ministry of Knowledge Economy 19-01-2012 2534
18 Korea Forest Service 07-10-2011 2644
17 Ministry of Land, Transport and Marine Affairs 23-09-2011 7813
16 The Korea Waste Association 06-09-2011 2541
15 Korea Environmental Corporation 12-05-2011 4229
14 Presidential Committee on Green Growth 24-02-2011 2526
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