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Address #801, DS Bldg, 140-2, Junggok2-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea, 143-891 HomePage
fax 82-2-468-0159 E-mail


CLEMBON is the leader in NP Microfiber products and develops and manufactures the highest quality NP Microfiber items on the market. Our products are manufactured to commercial and professional standards. The special merit of our company is development power. We are always trying to introduce more unique and newer microfiber items to the market. We have many patents and utility model registrations for NP Microfiber products. And one of them, "A process for dyeing microfibers" is the skill to dye NP Microfiber yarns. NP Microfiber yarn is the blending yarn of Polyamide (Nylon) and Polyester and much thinner than other general microfiber yarns during the proceeding of splitting & reducing of the raw yarn. It is more effective for the practice of products but up to now it was not possible to dye for raw yarn. But we developed the method to dye NP Microfiber raw yarn and are trying to graft the technique on the field of hosiery and garments. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of manufacturing quality, product performance and customer satisfaction. Hope you will watch the growth of our company with expectations and share the benefit as our partner. Thank you.

No Title File Update Hit
43 Clembon 17-05-2016 3592
42 Hanshin Tech 17-05-2016 3245
41 Woojin Construction Co., Ltd 28-03-2016 1786
40 SK E&C 21-03-2016 1638
39 Bugok Stainless Co., Ltd 22-12-2014 1059
38 Kyeong Sung Inc. 22-12-2014 966
37 Office1009 Co., Ltd 22-12-2014 955
36 LAR KOREA Co. Ltd. 29-10-2013 2957
35 Ilsong Co., Ltd. 06-03-2013 2631
34 Hanil Green Tech Co., Ltd. 19-12-2011 3901
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