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Fine dust decreases after closure of aged coal plants for one month
Category Environmental News Source Ministry of Environment


▷ An analysis in South Chungcheong area showed that the fine dust level dropped by 15.4 percent from the previous two years (26→22μg/m3).

▷ According to the air quality modeling, the level of fine dust went down by 1.1 percent in South Chungcheong area and an average of 3.3 percent a month in the most affected area (at daily maximum 8.6 percent, hourly maximum 14.1 percent).

 The Ministry of Environment (Minister Kim Eun-kyung), the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Paik Ungyu) and the National Institute of Environment Research (President Park Jin-won) announced that the shutdown of eight ageing coal-fired power plants nationwide over the month of June (4 in South Chungcheong, 2 in Sough Gyeongsang, 2 in Gangwon) led to an improvement in the level of fine dust, mainly in South Chungcheong area.

 According to an analysis on 40 measuring points in South Chungcheong region, the level of fine dust went down by 15.4 percent to 22 micrograms per cubic meter from 26 micrograms per cubic meter, the average of the two previous years during the one-month period. 

 The reduction from the shutdown of coal plants was estimated to be 1.1 percent (0.3 micrograms per cubic meter). Yet, the level of fine dust at the most affected point showed a decrease of an average of 3.3 percent a month, a maximum of 8.6 percent a day and a maximum of 9.5 micrograms per cubic meter per hour. 

 The amount of reduced emissions was measured by using the national emissions data of four thermal plants in South Chungcheong region and real-time telemonitoring (TMS) system. The authorities analyzed fine dust and precursors such as SOx and Nox that generate secondary fine dust particles. 

 According to the analysis, the closure of the four plants in Boryeong and Seocheon in South Chungcheong resulted in a cut of 141 tons of emissions of fine dust, while 304 tons of emissions fell by the shutdown of eight plants across the country. The figure accounts for 15 percent of the 1,975 tons emitted by 53 coal-fired plants nationwide in June last year. 

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