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Changdeokgung Location: 1 Waryong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.


  • - Changdeokgung was constructed as a detached palace in 1405 during the Joseon Dynatsy and was called as the East Palace, along with Changgyeonggung, since it is located east of Gyeongbokgung.
  • - Most royal palaces were burned down during the Japanese invasion and were restored during the reign of King Gwanghaegun. Changdeokgung was the main palace until Gyeongbokgung was constructed by the King Gojong and served as the royal seat where kings and their royal family dwelled toward the end of the Joseon Dynasty.
  • - Changdeokgung was built to be surrounded by mountains, representing atypical figurative arts of the construction of Korean palaces.


  • - With it building being integrated into the settings to harmonize with nature, it is a popular tourist attraction. Many scenic cultural heritages, including Injeongjeon, Daejoseon, Seonjungjeon and Nakseonjaearea, are located near, along with the rear garden known as Biwon (the Secret Garden) that has beautiful natural vistas such as glens, wooded areas in harmony with man-made pavilions and ponds.
  • - The garden was kept as natural as possible and human hands were only used when absolutely necessary. it is known that the most beautiful time to see the garden is during the fall when the autumn foliage is at its fullest peak and the leaves start to fall.


- As the most well-preserved palace of the Joseon Dynasty, Changdeokgung was registered in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST in 1997.


- Chandeokgung was added to the World Heritage List, along with Hwaseong Fortress, in UNESCO World Heritage Committee (WHC) held in Napoli, Italy, in December 1997.